McGraw, R. (2009). Language attitudes and opportunities for speaking a minority language: What lies ahead for Ozelonacaxtla Totonac? Master's Thesis, University of Alberta.

Presentations and Conferences:

Conceptual Structure, Discourse and Language Conference, Nov 4-6 2014
Zig-zagging to the tip-top of the ARC”: peer-reviewed presentation of paper.
University of California, Santa Barbara.

Highway 2 Conference, March 18, 2009

“What lies ahead for Totonac?”: presentation of thesis research.
A joint conference between the U of A and the University of Calgary, held at the U of C.

Cultures Across Borders” Comparative Literature Conference, March 13-14, 2009

“What Lies Ahead for Totonac?”: presentation of preliminary thesis work.
University of Alberta.

Invited Presentation, September 11, 2008

“Un proyecto de socioling√ľ√≠stica Totonaca”: presentation and explanation of active sociolinguistic field work in the speech community under investigation, given in Spanish.
La Universidad Intercultural del Estado de Puebla, Huehuetla, Puebla, Mexico.
Facilitate the transfer of research knowledge to local members of the speech community.

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